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Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation

The Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation has been supporting students in need for over 5 years. The charity was set up when Strachan Hartley succumbed to cancer in his 30th year. An amazing man, supported by an equally amazing family, Strachan lived life as hard as you could ever hope – meeting and exceeding expectations and obstacles in a tireless pursuit of excellence. In his death, the family wanted to honour his spirit and character by raising money to help support disadvantaged kids in athletic and extracurricular endeavours.

Streetfront has been the recipient of annual grants from the foundation. This money has provided literally hundreds if opportunities for kids to push themselves and grow in ways never thought possible. The generosity and kindness bestowed on our program and our students has been wonderful to witness. This isn’t charity – this is an investment in the beauty and power of youth, something far more meaningful and tangible.

On October 20th, we gathered current and former students at the portable at 8 am and headed over to Handsworth Secondary in North Van to participate in their annual 5 and 10 km fundraising run. A very challenging course dominated by the mountainous terrain made for a very rewarding experience. Upon finishing, the students were surrounded by positive and caring adults whose cheers and claps made the run that much easier.

The Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation (SHLF) is a very noble foundation and anyone wishing to donate will find their money goes directly to kids. Please visit their website for more information http://www.shlf.ca

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