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Seattle Success

May 27th, 2011

Went to Seattle with 14 students on Saturday morning (met at 5:30 am). The students were super excited (but quite anxious) about the journey they were to embark on.

Our first stop was the outlets – the kids got a chance to see the aftermath of Black Friday. They did some shopping and then it was off to the Marathon Expo to volunteer for 4 hours. After the Expo we headed back to the Queen Anne (quite possibly the stinkiest hotel in Seattle but one of the cheapest). We had a huge meal and then retired.

The half marathoners started their race at 7:30 and the full marathoners at 8:15.

The weather was horrible – rain; wind and more rain. The kids battled and fought their way through and all of them finished (plus two staff).

It was another amazing sight to have so many kids push themselves to their limit; fight through all types of adversity and self-doubt and weather the physical and emotional journey that all long distance runners face.

Congratulations to the following:

Half Marathoners:

Willy Dugray (age 16)
Lukas Bezanson (15)
Eriana Morales (15)
Sebastian Austin (13)
Jayde Becke (15)
Gord Howey (age unknown)

Full Marathoners

Matt Morin (15)
Joe Malley (15)
Vaughn Mills (17)
Kyle Leo (16)
William Vu (17)
Shwana Bestoun (15)
Frankie Joseph (16)
Jordan Braun (14)
Raymond king (16)

Once again the Streetfront students have showed the world that regardless your circumstance – great things can be achieved if you fight for it.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year.

Strachan Hartley Legacy foundation
Northshore Athletics
Britannia Secondary

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