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Yo Bro Initiative: Self Defense

April 26, 2016 Leave a comment

During this spring season we once again have Joe Caledino and his Yo Bro Youth Initiative leading us through his game prevention and self defense program. Today we learnt how to get out a variety of holds and situations.


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Garden Time April 25th

April 26, 2016 Leave a comment

Another day in the garden found us checking on the herbs. We picked some and added them to a mason jar and topped up with vinegar for a future salad from the garden. After that we turned some of the compost and weeded two plots ready to grow another seasons bounty.

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Volunteering for the afternoon

This afternoon we volunteered with the Vancouver International Marathon Society helping un-box the medals for this years BMO Vancouver Marathon – May 1st. Our students were so efficient in their task that we got what formally took 2 afternoon’s to complete to getting it all done in 2 hours! Nice work Streetfront.

Thanks to the Vancouver International Marathon Society for their continued support of our students. See you less than a month.

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