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Streetfront Garden Getting Ready for Spring Plant

March 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Environmental Youth Alliance showed up twice over the last month and has shown the students how to get our garden prepped for the big spring plant.

Ian Marcuse from the Britannia Community Centre also arrived and led a workshop on building composts. The students were using the chop saw; drills; levels and straight edges in their construction

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Environmental Youth Alliance – Medicinal Plants and Seedling Propagation

Environmental Youth Association ran another workshop for Streetfront this past Wednesday. This workshop focused on developing the seedlings for our urban garden. Matthew and Alaina came in and ran a great session on indigenous and medicinal plants. The theme centered around “Health” and its varied components (physical; emotional; spiritual: etc. )

The students then planted the seedlings; learned about propagation and then helped set up a bank of grow lights, which will aid the seedlings in their development. We hope to transfer these plants to our garden in two months time.

An urban garden corridor is slowly taking shape from Britannia to Strathcona and its wonderful to be part of this planning.

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